The Deminer

83'2017Swedendirector: Hogir Hiroricinematography: Shinwar Kamal, Firas Bakrmani, Erik Vallstenediting: Hogir Hiroriproduction: Lolav Media

A Kurdish soldier disarms ISIS booby-traps in Iraq.

The title character in Hirori and Kamal's film is a Kurdish soldier, a legendary man who saved hundreds of people using only pliers and a penknife. Colonel Fakhir Berwari was a US Army liaison officer in Iraq, but his real passion and calling was to disarm the mines left by retreating jihadists. The Deminer was put together from footage shot by his subordinates, who (also risking their lives) filmed him at work. Any mistake or omission could end tragically, any unexpected phone ringing could explode a mine hidden in a car, a pillow or a toy. The tension increases from one moment to the next until the inevitable climax.

Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
7.12 / 21:00
Kino Luna
10.12 / 21:00
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