Kinshasa Makambo

74'2018Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Switzerland, Germany, Qatar, Norwaydirector: Dieudo Hamadicinematography: Dieudo Hamadiediting: Hél?ne Ballisproduction: Les Films de l'Oeil Sauvage

Kinshasa - mass protests against constitutional violations and the dilemmas of activists.

When President Joseph Kabila, despite the end of his second term in 2015, refused to give up power in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in violation of the constitution, people took to the streets. In his film, Dieudo Hamadi follows three young activists: Ben, who decided to return to the country from America; Jean Marie, who had just been released from prison and is being watched by the special services; and Christian, a master of street demonstrations. Although Hamadi's film draws its inspiration from his insider observations of the local protest culture, it offers a dramatic expression of the universal problems of anti-authoritarian movements. Cooperation between social activists and opposition parties or strict nonpartisanship, work in the country or in exile, radicalization or peaceful protest: in the characteristic atmosphere of waiting for a leader, such questions are raised not only in Kinshasa.

U-jazdowski Kino
12.12 / 20:15
Muranów Cinema, Zbyszek room
13.12 / 18:30