Three Identical Strangers

96'2017USA, UKdirector: Tim Wardlecinematography: Tim Craggediting: Michael Harteproduction: Raw

American triplets subjected to an enigmatic psychological experiment.

This extraordinary story begins in the 1980s with the chance meeting of three 19-year-olds, identical triplets, who were separated immediately after birth. The brothers became media stars, appearing in Desperately Seeking Susan and then opening a bar in New York called Triplets. Their unexpected encounter brought them genuine happiness, but Tim Wardle's film story slowly changes the mood, as it reveals the dark backstory behind a mysterious scientific experiment that was meant to resolve, once and for all, one of the age-old dilemmas in the field of psychology, i.e., whether our personalities are determined by nature or nurture. That's why Bobby, Eddy and David were adopted by very different families and later visited by a psychologist on a regular basis. 

U-jazdowski Kino
9.12 / 20:00
Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
10.12 / 19:00