240'2018Indiadirector: Anand Patwardhancinematography: Anand Patwardhan, Simantini Dhuruediting: Anand Patwardhanproduction: Anand Patwardhan

Nascent fascism in India.

Anand Patwardhan's extraordinarily brave new film has the huge gravity. It is a shocking chronicle of the rise of fascism in India, from the political killings of free thinkers; through the strengthening of fundamentalist, terrorist sects; to a massive party rally that brings to mind the famous Nuremberg Rally. This is saffron-colored fascism—like Hindu garments—dividing people according to religion and caste. It glorifies and practices violence. In his documentary, Patwardhan also portrays defenders of equal rights and secular democracy. In a West submerged in spiritual apathy, we shouldn't be surprised that this powerful voice in defense of the Enlightenment comes to us from India.


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