Crime + Punishment

112'2018USAdirector: Stephen Maingcinematography: Stephen Maingediting: Maing, Eric Daniel Metzgarproduction: Ross Tuttle, Eric Daniel Metzgar

Twelve whistleblowers, 900 million dollars and the New York police.

Stephen Maing's latest documentary chronicles the landmark lawsuit filed by 12 officers against the New York Police Department. The whistleblowers decided to put an end to the harassment of innocent citizens, in particular African Americans and Latinos, aimed at inflating police statistics and increasing the city's budget. The director doesn't focus on the legal complexities of the case. Instead, he films his characters on the streets, at precincts and in police cars—in everyday situations that tell the real story behind their dramatic decision. Watch cameras and hidden microphones help us understand how the police force tries to eliminate those seen as traitors from its ranks.

U-jazdowski Kino
7.12 / 20:30
Muranów Cinema, Zbyszek room
10.12 / 18:00