No Obvious Signs

63'2017Ukrainedirector: Alina Gorlovacinematography: Oleksiy Kuchmaediting: Alina Gorlovaproduction: TABOR production

A farewell to arms - Oksana after her wartime experiences in the Donbass.

Oksana returns from the army with orders. She did not cry while at war. She was overwhelmed by what she saw and experienced only when she returned to the privacy of her Kyiv apartment. Alina Gorlova accompanies Oksana on her road back to life: from her stay at a clinic to getting a job. Oksana knows that she is one of the few who were offered professional help in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. In general, her comrades-in-arms cannot count on such treatment; due to the absence of any obvious signs of trauma, they are sent away with nothing. Among the many films about Donbas, it is probably Gorlova's No Obvious Signs that allows us to feel in the most powerful way the icy breeze of this war.

Muranów Cinema, Zbyszek room
11.12 / 18:00
Screening followed by Q&A
Kino Luna
12.12 / 21:00
Screening followed by Q&A