Normal Autistic Film

90'2016Czech Republicdirector: Miroslav Janekcinematography: Miroslav Janekediting: Tonička Jankovaproduction: Mimesis Film

An unvarnished look at autistic teens served with a sense of humor.

As 14-year-old Majda says: “To the society, I’m impaired. To me the society is”. She expresses this much more bluntly in her sullen, angry rap. Like Luka, Denis, Marjamka and Ahmed, Majda has special talents, as well as special problems when it comes to adapting to the world. In Normal Autistic Film, Miroslav Janek portrays his protagonists, as the title suggests, in a normal way. This, among other things, is why he is able to beautifully capture the absurdities of reality, revealing in them phenomenal humor, as well as suffering that no sentimental clichés can cover up.

U-jazdowski Laboratorium
12.12 / 16:15