Czech Journal: The Limits of Work

72'2017Czech Republicdirector: Apolena Rychlíkovácinematography: Jan Šípekediting: Kateřina Krutská - Vrbováproduction: Česká televize

A hidden camera tracks people who perform the worst paid jobs.

Journalist Saša Uhlová decided to take a look at the prevailing conditions in some of the worst-paid jobs: at a laundry, poultry slaughterhouse, razor factory, supermarket and garbage-sorting center, places where people usually work seven days a week, sometimes overtime as well, and without meal breaks. Uhlová spent about a month at each of these places, filming her work and her surroundings with a hidden camera. Speaking with her co-workers, she discovers that poverty (a public transport pass is very often an unattainable luxury) is just one of the problems facing the worst-paid employees.

U-jazdowski Laboratorium
9.12 / 16:15
Kino Luna
13.12 / 17:30