Czech Allah

100'2017Czech Republicdirector: Zuzana Piussicinematography: Zuzana Piussiediting: Vít Janečekproduction: Česká televize

On both sides of the barricade in the Czech dispute over refugees.

Although the number of refugees in the Czech Republic—like in Poland—is very small, the issue of migration and refugees is effectively polarizing society and is being used to mobilize a right-leaning electorate. Zuzanna Piussi looks at both sides of the debate on refugees. She records attempts by extremists to induce xenophobic sentiments, extremists who are cynically used, in turn, by the right-wing mainstream. On the other hand, she also documents a difficult love story between a well-known activist who volunteers to help asylum seekers and a Muslim man.

U-jazdowski Laboratorium
9.12 / 20:30
U-jazdowski Pracownia
12.12 / 20:15