Behind the Curve

96'2018USAdirector: Daniel J. Clarkcinematography: Daniel J. Clarkediting: Nick Andertproduction: Caroline Clark, Nick Andert, Daniel J. Clark

A CIA and NASA conspiracy - the shocking truth about our planet.

Until recently, the question of the shape of the Earth seemed very simple. The image of a disk on the back of an elephant disappeared centuries ago, giving way to a scientific theory about a slightly flattened sphere called a geoid. It turns out, however, that more and more people are beginning to question this view and have started searching for the truth on their own. Is it possible that the world is really flat and that the planets and stars are only lights on a gigantic dome covering the Earth? Are we being lied to, and are the CIA and NASA behind this powerful conspiracy? The protagonists in Behind the Curve take these questions very seriously.

Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
7.12 / 17:00
Kino Luna
9.12 / 17:00