A River Below

87'2016Brazildirector: Mark Griecocinematography: Helkin René Diazediting: Dan Swietlikproduction: Torus Tammer

A controversial campaign to defend an endangered dolphin species.

Threatened with extinction, the pink Amazon river dolphin is widely used by local fishermen as cheap bait. Richard Rasmussen, a TV star whose National Geographic show is watched by millions of viewers in Brazil, got involved in the fight against these illegal practices. As an activist and member of the media, Rasmussen knows that the best way to alert public opinion is to share shocking videos showing the barbaric practices employed by fishermen. However, he doesn't expect his idea, which was born of the best intentions, to trigger an avalanche of events that will bring him infamy and seriously alter the fate of thousands of people in two countries.

U-jazdowski Kino
8.12 / 18:30
U-jazdowski Laboratorium
13.12 / 18:45