The Judge

81'2017Palestine, USAdirector: Erika Cohncinematography: Amber Faresediting: Sara Maamouri, Ken Schneiderproduction: Idle Wild Films

The first female judge in a sharia court in the Middle East.

Kholoud Al-Faqih is a very strong woman. Contrary to common belief, the only female judge in a Sharia court in the Middle East deals mainly with domestic violence, divorce and issues of child care. And these are very difficult questions in Palestine, where the last word is traditionally given to men. Kholoud's female perspective is often the only chance for a just verdict. But among Kholoud's superiors, there is no shortage of conservatives who question the legitimacy of a woman holding such a prominent position. When radicals gain power at the Ministry of Justice, the eponymous judge finds herself in a really difficult situation.

Kino Luna
7.12 / 17:00
U-jazdowski Pracownia
10.12 / 17:15