Whispering Truth to Power

87'2018South Africadirector: Shameela Seedatcinematography: Francois Versterediting: Francois Versterproduction: Undercurrent Film and TV

The South African Public Protector versus President Zuma.

In her film, Shameela Seedat documents the last year in the work of the Public Protector in South Africa. In a country raging with corruption and ever-increasing economic inequalities, Thuli Madonsela is the only hope for the country’s poorest citizens. Before the end of her term, she manages to successfully accuse the incumbent president of embezzlement of public funds and start a battle against another corrupt system at the highest echelons of power. Her opponents fight back, trying to use a slander campaign to turn public opinion against her. Time is running out: will Madonsela manage to publish her latest, and most important, report?

Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
10.12 / 17:00
U-jazdowski Kino
12.12 / 16:00