Time for Ilhan

90'2018USAdirector: Norah Shapirocinematography: Chris Newberryediting: Jen Bradwell, Eli Olsonproduction: Time For Ilhan LLC

A refreshing look at American democracy - the election campaign of a young Muslim woman, Ilhan Omar.

On 8 November 2016, Donald Trump was not the only one to win an election. Ilhan Omar became then the first Muslim woman of Somali origin in US history elected to the state legislature. Time for Ilhan offers a refreshingly optimistic view of American democracy, in which the inhabitants of Minneapolis’s "Little Mogadishu" can participate en masse, voting side by side with crowds of students for this young mother of three children, a dark-skinned immigrant with progressive views. Ilhan had to face not only a veteran of local politics, running for the 43rd time, but also a Somali man who could count on more conservative voters. Where did so much energy come from and how was she able to run such a successful campaign? Come and see.  

U-jazdowski Laboratorium
8.12 / 16:30
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11.12 / 17:45