Laila at the Bridge

98'2017Canada, Afghanistandirector: Elizabeth Mirzaei, Gulistan Mirzaeicinematography: Elizabeth Mirzaeiediting: Andrea Henriquezproduction: Mirzaei Films Afghanistan

Laila works on her own to help Kabul's drug addicts.

Contrary to the title, the main character in the Mirzaeis’ film can most often be found not at the title bridge but under it, at an infamous meeting place for Kabul's drug addicts. Laila goes there not for cheap heroin but rather in search of those willing to rehab. In a country where more than 10  percent of the population are addicts, there are practically no prevention or treatment programs, and funds earmarked for the fight against addiction are usually embezzled. Laila takes on a massive amount of work, running her rehabilitation center in spite of the patriarchal society and authorities tainted by corruption and nepotism. She does this despite knowing that only one in ten of her charges have a chance of overcoming their addiction.

Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
9.12 / 21:15
Kino Luna
10.12 / 17:00