78'2017Chinadirector: Zhu Rikuncinematography: Zhu Rikunediting: Zhu Rikunproduction: Fanhall Films

Chinese activists defend a ten-year-old persecuted for her father's views.

Anni is 10 years old. Instead of going to school, she comes to the nearby square every morning, where several of her father's friends give her lessons in the open air. Anni is not allowed to go to school. She is the daughter of a Chinese dissident, and preventing her from learning is one form of repression: the authorities are trying in various ways to make life more difficult for human rights defenders. Anni's improvised class is also a place of protest: her father's friends meet there, banners appear, and spontaneous discussions take place with random passers-by. Zhu Rikun once again documents a community of activists who, regardless of the consequences, decide to confront the system.

U-jazdowski Pracownia
7.12 / 20:15
U-jazdowski Laboratorium
13.12 / 17:00