We kindly invite you to the WATCH DOCS festival on Tuesday for debates about robots and medical marijuana, a report by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the first meeting with Talal Derki.

After the screening of Time for Ilhan (U-jazdowski Pracownia 17:45), you are kindly invited to a presentation of a report by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights called “Migrants, Repatriates and Conspiracy Theories: Election Monitoring Report,” during which lawyers from the Helsinki Foundation and invited guests they will talk about the use of hate speech in politics

We will also be discussing medical marijuana in Poland at U-Jazdowski Laboratorium, where we will be joined by Dr. Marek Bachański, Magdalena Dąbkowska from the Open Society’s Global Drug Policy Program, journalist Aleksandra Pezda and Kamil Sipowicz. The conversation will be preceded by a screening of the first Polish full-length documentary on the subject, The Underground of Hope (U-jazdowski Laboratorium 19:00).

On Tuesday, we will also be asking questions about the relationship between people and robots from the point of view of human rights. Prof. Magdalena Środa, Zuzanna Warso from the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and Mirosław Wróblewski from the Polish Ombudsman’s Office will take part in a discussion on the social, legal and ethical consequences of advancing automation. The debate will follow a screening of The Truth About Killer Robots (Kino Muranów 19:00).
Talal Derki has come to Warsaw to meet with audiences. The director of the acclaimed film The Return to Homs will talk about working on his latest film, Of Fathers and Sons (Kino Luna 18:00). This is a moving story about fathers who happen to be ISIS militants, and whose love for their children isn’t hampered by their training to become jihadist fighters. Of Fathers and Sons has already won numerous awards, including the main prize at Sundance and at the Krakow Film Festival, and now you have an opportunity to see it in Warsaw and to meet with the director.