Personal Truth

18'2017UKdirector: Charlie Lynecinematography: Charlie Lyneediting: Charlie Lyneproduction: Loop Projects Limited, Field of Vision

Did Hillary Clinton run a gang of child traffickers?

On 4 December 2016, Maddison Welch traveled from his hometown of Salisbury, North Carolina, nearly 500 km to reach Washington and the Comet pizzeria, where he fired off an AR-15 rifle three times. Welch's motives are well known. Internet e-mails, allegedly stolen by a Russian hacker collective, unequivocally indicated that the Washington pizzeria was a cover for a gang of child traffickers led by Hillary Clinton. In his devilish and dynamically edited creative documentary, Charlie Lyne analyzes the phenomenon of fake news and shows there is only a very thin line separating common sense from belief in conspiracy theories.

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