Mama Colonel

72'2017Democratic Republic of the Congo, Francedirector: Dieudo Hamadicinematography: Dieudo Hamadiediting: Anne Renardetproduction: Cinédoc films

A Congolese policewoman combats violence against women and children.

Once again, Dieudo Hamadi reveals aspects of Congo’s complex reality. Instead of a multilayered, mosaic-like story, we get a documentary portrait this time. The film's protagonist is a female police officer who deals with violence against children, including rape. The eponymous colonel doesn’t lack for work in a country whose social fabric has been torn apart by decades of bloody conflicts. Despite the fact that it is not easy for her to force subordinates to work, people who find it difficult to accept the fact that their orders are given to them by a woman, and despite the fact that there is widespread acceptance of violence in society, the efforts of Honorine Munyole bring very tangible results.

U-jazdowski Kino
9.12 / 16:00