Welcome to Sodom

95'2018Austriadirector: Christian Krönes, Florian Weigensamercinematography: Christian Kermerediting: Christian Kermerproduction: Blackbox Film

The largest electro-waste dump in the world and its inhabitants.

Welcome to Agbogbloshie, the world's largest electronics cemetery. Every year, a quarter of a million tons of electronic waste from the West end up there illegally. Hundreds of people use hammers and crowbars to dismantle electronic gadgets in order to remove the copper and aluminum. It is truly hell on earth: the air is constantly filled with black, toxic smoke from ubiquitous fires burning wires. Weigensamer and Kroenes' dark film is a perfect reflection of the apocalyptic climate of Sodom, as locals call the dump. The stunning cinematography, filled with fire and smoke, is accompanied by stories of people working there and the music they create. This is the dark side of technological progress that we prefer not to think about when purchasing a new smartphone.

Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
7.12 / 19:00
Kino Luna
10.12 / 19:00